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The greatest Mongolian, Genghis Khan
didn't like T-shirts.
But, he loved only this.

7203 \6,000 (L)

A Long time ago,the ancient Japanese
(Jomon-jin) also loved wearing T-shirts.
In the summer time, to foster a bumper crop.

Rows of acorns
Optimistic Jomon-jin A (楽観的縄文人A) T-shirts 2(M,L)
 M7501 \5,000

The Great writer,
Goethe's last phrase was
" More light ! "

Goethe's last vision
" More light ! " T-shirts(L)
M7502 \6,000

When Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
went swimming in the Nile,
this is the T-shirts that they wore.
Now, perfectly restored.

Finally restored to it's original mint condition
6703 \5,000 (M,L)

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