Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '98
On earth when the very last "Tyrannosaurus" dinosaur died, at that very moment the space in front of the tip of his nose is now preserved in the carton.

7502 \4,000 (20L)

The old civilization of South America left many mysteries for us. The big crystallized quartz skull is one of them. In those days, people could gaze at the skull during the grand festival held once a year as they imagined their God glittering in the sun.

The atmosphere filled with the Spirit of God(restored)
8Y02 \4,000 (18L)

Tempel-Tuttle's comet in November 1833 created a meteor shower which filled up the American night sky. The Song Writer Steven Foster, still in his childhood, gazed up at this spectacle and in a trance grasped hold of this something.

Perfectly replicated
8Y03 \4,500
(in a box)
Merchandise for November '98(HOME/Top)
In the French Revolution, famous men and women were guillotined and as a result none remained! On the day when Marie Antoinette was to be executed, there was morning dew on the guillotine's keen edge.

The morning dew of the guillotine
8X01 \4,000 (10ml)

In the late 15th century the Spanish noble Cesare Borgia became the pope. He loved poisoning his antagonists. Ironically he was killed by poison quite by accident while eating beans.

The non poisons beans of not eaten by Cesare Borgia
8X02 \4,000

Van Gogh's last work is "Wheat field with crows." Flour was made from the wheat that was painted by him. Fortunately the flour remained till 1992.

Exquisite quality
8X03 \3,500(In a bottle)
Merchandise for October '98(HOME/Top)
In ancient times, a god of time dropped pieces of time absent-mindedly in the dense forest.

The pieces of time
7201 \3,980 (5 pieces)

In the age of the Ptolemaic era, people believed the earth to be the center is the universe. After some important discoveries however, the center was everywhere. Peoples lives changed dramatically as a renaissance in science and art blossomed.

Part of the Ptolemaic system
8902 \4,500(in a small bottle)

In the Second War, Prime Minister Churchill used pins to plan important war operations. He had been carrying a favorite pin secretly all the time.

An excellent replica of this pin
8903 \4,000
(1 piece

Merchandise for September '98(HOME/Top)
Once upon a time Cleopatra discovered that the wonder pearl was rarely in a camel's hump. In recent years it has not been found. The last pearl was stolen and the safe was left behind.

The air surrounding the pearl and taken from the safe
8801 \4,000 (20ml)

In the late 19th century the giant "marron glace" was made in France.

Photograph with a frame
7603 \12,000

Some of Albert Einstein's theories changed the world. He was bashful and privately collected various beans.

Soybeans: directly descended from original
8803 \3,500

Merchandise for August '98(HOME/Top)
Once upon a time every sailor hunted for spices all over the world. One of them discovered a precious spice that was an enormous pepper, and what was more surprising, they were twins.

Photograph with a frame
8701 \12,000

On a very rainy day, Chopin played his piano music for a funeral. When the music sank into raindrops, it was changed into very rare water.

Limited goods
8702 \4,000 (20ml)

The famous Russian monk "Rasputin" had a strong will. His hairs give us truth that we have never known.

Perfectly replicated
8703 \3,000
3 hairs

Merchandise for July '98(HOME/Top)
The great tea master "Sen-no-Rikyu" performed hara-kiri in 1591. Fortunately, on the day, he performed the last tea ceremony, the last tea aroma was packed in this bottle.

8601 \3,000 (1 bottle)

One day when he became very old, the great philosopher Aristotle gazed at the pebble for several hours till the sunset.

Perfectly replicated
6703 \4,000 (1 piece)

When the Guinness Book of Records was read by the 10,000,000th person, he used paper clips too. The same clips are perfect replicated here.

8603 \3,000
5 clips

Merchandise for June '98(HOME/Top)
The famous philosopher "Nietzsche", his mustache has been crafted into a paintbrush.

Perfectly restored
7403 \4,000 (1 brush)

They have been living for 4 hundred million years since the Paleozoic era. I listen to his cerebral poem echoing up from the deep.
Congratulations Coelacanth!
At midnight on the first of January in the year 2000, your species will be celebrating its 400,000,000th birthday.

"Coelacanth" T-shirts
8502 \6,000 (L,XL)

In memory of the last millennium, salt from each of the Seven Seas has been harvested and cleaned. On the Last Day of 1999, "the Salt" will be blended and packaged for consumers.
Instructions:All you have to do is add some water to the salt and 'Hey,Presto!' you have instant 7 seas water.

(Delivery from January 2000)
8503 \5,000

Merchandise for May '98(HOME/Top)
After thousands years,
the human race will perish slowly.
On the Last Day,
reserve "the Dice"
for the alone one.

The Last Dice
8401 \3,500(5 dice)

The Dragon has been living in China
 since time immemorial, and it came to Japan only once and
it used "the Stone" as a pillow

Pieces of the Lucky Stone
7803 \4,000 (3 pieces)

On the very day,
the Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 in Paris,
water was extracted
from the atmosphere at a point
2000 meters high just above the tower.
This extraordinarily rare water is a collector's dream.

The Historical Water
8403 \4,000

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