Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '99
On the Earth 3,000,000,000 years ago, the sun poured down strong sunbeams. These sunbeams were put into a strong carton box carefully.

The strong carton box
9Y01 \4,000

In ancient Egypt when King Khufu died, the rubber bands that were very new in those days were put beside his coffin secretly.

Perfectly replicated
9Y02 \4,000 (3 pieces)

In the early Edo period, when the famous potter Kakiemon the First was a young boy, on one Autumn day he made an important resolution and then he ate a persimmon. This persimmon's seed is very rare.

Similar type
9Y03 \4,000(1 piece)

Merchandise for November '99(HOME/Top)
Although these special papers were made for only one purpose and were selected carefully by an historical person. They seem to be just ordinary sheets of orange paper.

9x01 \3,500(3 pieces)size:56cmX91cm

The great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart drank a coffee one Autumn night. But failed to notice that he had dropped a coffee bean on the floor.

Perfectly replicated
9x02 \4,000 (1 piece)

One day during the first trial in the history of the world, an historical person meaninglessly opened the safe from behind. It was not a noteworthy incident. But it is a beautiful meaningless photograph.

9x03 \12,000(photograph with a meaningful frame)

Merchandise for October '99(HOME/Top)
When Pablo Picasso was a young man, he paused one Autumn day while walking in Paris, and gazed at the Parisian sky for a moment.

9901 \12,500(photograph with a frame)

500 years ago, in the north of Alaska a lot of artificial sponges fell from the sky. Many people used them as pillows and as insulation against the cold. Nowadays no sponge remains from that event.

perfectly replicated
9902 \4,000 (1piece)

There is an infinity of the universe. And there is a part of an infinity.

9903 \3,000(1piece)

Merchandise for September '99(HOME/Top)
The scrapings and snippets of the first beard shaved by an electric shaver in the world. It's one of the very valuable collectables of this age.

9801 \3,500(in a bottle)

The ice made by the first refrigerator in the world. This collector's item will be revered for many generations to come.

Replicated as water
9802 \4,000 (10ml)

The first tissue paper ever to be left in a pocket and to be washed by a washing machine in the history of the world.

9803 \4,000
(Perfectly replicated)

Merchandise for August '99(HOME/Top)
Famous Russian writer Count Leo Tolstoi had a beautiful beard. His beard has been crafted into a paintbrush.

Tolstoi's brush(courageous replica)
Brush series No.2
9701 \4,000

When the Greek philosopher Plato was young, he won the contest of " Crushing animal's bone to tiny pieces." This beautiful bone sample of fragments and powder shows the fact that the story is true.

Plato's bone powder sample(special goods)
9702 \4,000 (in a bottle)

The first life on Earth was composed of a molecule, and the molecule was composed of an atom, and the atom was composed of a proton. The human race caught this proton at long last. The proton confessed to the truth of the matter. This photograph was taken at that very moment.

The greatest miracle on Earth(valuable photograph)
9703 \13,000
(with a frame)

Merchandise for July '99(HOME/Top)
In his childhood, Ferdinand Magellan gathered shells on the seashore with his elder sister.

His share of shells
6803 \4,000 (1 piece)

The South Pole is the southern axis of the turning Earth. It is covered with ice 2,700 meters thick. Now there is an observation base and people are living there and there is a tourist resort. Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole a month after the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. Scott's footprints were left in the frozen wastes

Scott's footprint(valuable photograph)
9602 \14,000 (with a frame)

The great philosopher Blaise Pascal's grandson discovered a fossil unexpectedly in Africa. It's quite unbelievable and miraculous that there were strange footprints and tiremarks 140,000,000 years ago.

The marvelous footprints(valuable photograph)
9603 \12,000
(with a frame)

Merchandise for June '99(HOME/Top)
On the lofty peak Mt. K2, in the Karakorum mountains, the first man to reach the top looked at the daytime stars and then discovered themysterious object at his feet.

The iron pipe found at K2 (restored )(25dx145mm)
9501 \4,000 (1 piece)

Maurice Maeterlinck wrote The Blue Bird. He had indeed been keeping a blue bird. When he arrived at an American seaport to escape the 2nd War, he had to part with the blue bird due to immigration law. A beautiful feather had been left behind. Unfortunatly it is faded now.

The Maeterlinck's feather(obvious imitation)
9502 \4,000 (1 piece)

The American President Bill Clinton had many anxious moments in his life. One day in the Oval Office he used the cigar playfully. This would later bring some anxiety. Here is the photograph of the cross section of the cigar.

The President's cigar
9503 \12,000
(with a frame)

Merchandise for May '99(HOME/Top)
The Italian fascist Mussolini was executed by firing squad and his dead body was hung from a lamppost. Here is Mussolini's last spaghetti; retrieved from his kitchen.

The last spaghetti (perfectly restored )
9401 \3,500 (10 pieces)

When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, carelessly he pushed down the ink bottle on his table spilling some ink. Then the paper was changed to a more interesting one.

The paper of Hamlet(restored)
9402 \3,500 (1 piece)

The American President Abraham Lincoln had many deadlocks in his life. He tried meditation only once in a particularly difficult case. He used a small candle. The wooden casket of 500 candles was kept in a private collection until now.

The candle of Lincoln in deadlock
9403 \4,000
(1 piece)

Merchandise for April '99(HOME/Top)
One day the human race was born from a woman. Once upon a time sensual Eve and her consensual friend Adam ate a fruit. The tree was bore many fruit. The pips of the fruit have been kept secretly by someone in Japan.

Eve's pips (perfectly preserved )
9301 \4,000 (2 pieces)

One spring night, the artist Michelangelo had several nightmares all through the night. The next morning, he sat in bed and made some sketches that were lost. But the bed sheet was saved for posterity.

Piece of Michelangelo's sheet(restored)
9302 \4,500 (1 piece)

A long long time ago, in the middle of Australia, one of the old Aborigine elders died on a big rock in the early afternoon when the sky was blue and quite clear. Here is a piece of that big rock.

Aborigine's rock
9303 \5,000
(1 piece)

Merchandise for March '99(HOME/Top)
Jean Henri Fabre who wrote Entomological Souvenirs went to a large tree to listen to the chorusing of cicadas on a hot summer day. This is the recently discovered tape of the tape recording taken by Fabre on that day.

part of the recording tape (perfectly replicated )
9201 \4,000 (3 pieces)

Paulos arrived in Corinth one year ago. One summer morning he went to the church as he habitually did. Although he did not look at the wayside flower, the flower certainly looked at him.

Petals of the flower(restored)
9202 \4,000 (3 pieces)

In the mid-19th century Darwin wrote the Origin of Species. He loved the brightness and color of aluminum, which was precious metals for those days. he secretly kept a stash of it close by.

Darwin's aluminum
9203 \4,000

Merchandise for February '99(HOME/Top)
In Africa, 84,000 years ago
Neanderthal man unexpectedly used erasers.
We don't know their purposes.
One of them had a beautiful collection of many erasers

part of beautiful collection (restored)
9101 \4,500 (3 pieces)

One day Lawrence of Arabia
took some photographs of the desert sunset
which resembled a fantastic blaze.
Unfortunately he failed in developing his films.
Here are the precious films.

3 transparent films(restored)
9102 \3,000

When we think seriously about Archimedes' principle,
we see that it is really reasonable.
He had put on this T-shirts after a bath
since he found out the principle in the bathtub.

Reasonable T-shirts
9103 \6,000

Merchandise for January '99(HOME/Top)
The crusaders who traveled the end of 11th century aspired to live a pure and honest lifes. One day an unknown crusader of great virtue while on a long and winding road tightly gripped some sand from the roadside. Here is that sand.

The original sand (still in pristine condition)
8Z01 \4,500

A long time ago, one of the South American tribes succeeded in the challenge of lighting an electric bulb by gathering lots of electric eels. Unfortunately, the operation needed the sacrifice of human life.

That electric bulb(restored)
7901 \3,000

Hokusai, the Ukiyoe painter is world-famous for the "36 Scenes of Mt. Fuji." When he was painting "the Big Waves of Kanagawa-Oki," he thought about carrying some of the sea water of that place back to his home. On second thought, he gave the idea up.

Here is the sea water of Kanagawa-Oki.
8Z03 \3,000

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