Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '03
The thing that the French poet Baudelaire threw away when he moved.

Perfect replicas
3Y01 \4,000 (1 piece)16.5cm in diameter

The thing that the Roman Emperor Nero threw up when he moved.

Perfect replicas
3Y02 \4,000 (1 piece)15cm in diameter

The thing that the Italian painter Modigliani found when he moved.

Perfect replicas
3Y03 \4,000 (1 piece)14cm in diameter

Merchandise for November '03(HOME/Top)
The thing that came from the sky a few days ago.

Perfect replicas
3X01 \4,000 (1 bundle)27cm in length

The thing that the Iranian poet Umar Khayyam used one summer day in 1095.

Perfect replicas
3X02 \4,000 (1 pair)2cm in length

The thing that came from the sky last night.

Perfect replicas
3X03 \4,000 (1 piece)33cm in length

Merchandise for October '03(HOME/Top)
The air that streamed through rapidly over the Dead Sea at dawn in Oct 1, 1003.

Perfect replicas
3901 \4,000 (250ml) in the bottle

The air that streamed through rapidly over the mouth of the Nile at noon in Oct 1, A.D. 3.

Perfect replicas
3902 \4,000 (250ml) in the bottle

The air that streamed through rapidly over the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunset in Oct 1, 189.

Perfect replicas
3903 \4,000 (250ml) in the bottle

Merchandise for September '03(HOME/Top)
The paper that the Russian writer Dostoevsky used.

3801 \4,000 (1 piece) 6cm in diameter

The paper that the British writer Emily Bronte used.

3802 \4,000 (1 piece) 5cm in diameter

The paper that the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti used.

3803 \4,000 (1 piece) 6cm in diameter

Merchandise for August '03(HOME/Top)
The paper cup that the ancient Greek historian Xenophon used in his writing.

3701 \4,000 (1 piece) 8cm in diameter

The label that the ancient Greek philosopher Thales used.

3702 \4,000 (2 pieces) 6cm in length

The toilet paper that the ancient Greek poetess Sappho used.

3703 \4,000 (1 piece) 10cm in diameter

Merchandise for July '03(HOME/Top)
The object given to the first man who saw a shooting star.

3601 \4,000 (1 piece) 9cm in length

The object given to the first woman who saw a shooting star.

3602 \4,000 (1 piece) 12.5cm in length

The dried sardines the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi ate.

3603 \12,000 (photograph with a frame)
photograph size (180mmX180mm)

Merchandise for June '03(HOME/Top)
The metal fittings the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach used.

Best replicas
3501 \4,000 (1 piece) 6cm in length

The plastic parts the Netherlander painter Hieronymus Bosch used.

Best replicas
3502 \4,000 (2 pieces) 2.8cm in length

The screws the German politician Adolf Hitler used.

Best replicas
3503 \4,000 (2 pieces) 2.4cm in length

Merchandise for May '03(HOME/Top)
The toasting net the Italian poet Dante Alighieri used.

Best replicas
3401 \4,000 (1 piece) 23.5cm in length

The mules the French king Louis 14th used.

Best replicas
3402 \4,000 (1 pair) 26cm in length

The lid of the plastic bucket the ancient Greek Socrates used.

Best replicas
3403 \4,000 (1 piece) 26cm in length

Merchandise for April '03(HOME/Top)
The third stone that the first man tried to line up stones in human history.

3301 \4,000 (1 piece) 4.5cm in length

The stone that a woman picked up on a sandy beach in a spring morning.

3302 \4,000 (1 piece) 3.5cm in length

A stone.

3303 \4,000 (1 piece) 5cm in length

Merchandise for March '03(HOME/Top)
The toothpick that the German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss tried to use.

3201 \4,000 (1 piece)

The hairpin that the ancient Egyptian Queen Kleopatra used.

3202 \4,000 (1 piece)

The popcorn that the German painter Max Ernst ate in his youth.

3203 \4,000 (5 pieces)

Merchandise for February '03(HOME/Top)
The stone that the man who made the first pig roasted whole in history threw toward the sky.

3101 \4,000 ( 1 piece)

The half-split chopsticks that the Japanese landscape painter Hiroshige used for having soba lunch with Hokusai in a clear winter day.

3102 \4,000 ( 1 piece)

The pasteboard that the American inventor Edison had been having secretly late in life.

3103 \4,000 ( 1 sheet)(227mmX324mm)

Merchandise for January '03(HOME/Top)
The Japanese larch nut that the American novelist Hemingway had been having secretly.

2Z01 \4,000 ( 1 piece)

The green tea that the first Emperor of Japan Jinmu drank for the first time in his youth.

2Z02 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The leaves that the ancient Greek nymph Daphne was turned to a bay tree.

2Z03 \4,000 (2 pieces)

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