Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '00
What has caused the greatest grief for the human race? 1200 years ago in West Africa on Summer's day a tragedy happened. This was to cause the greatest grief for the human race.

A part of the grief
0Y01 \3,500 (1 piece) Replicated

The metal fittings that Niccolo Machiavelli picked up and then threw out.

0Y02 \4,000 (1 set)

The string that the great philosopher Hegel cut off and then used.

0Y03 \4,000(1 piece) Replicated

Merchandise for November '00(HOME/Top)
It's difficult to judge the greatest outburst in history. But it must have been that of a Siberian who burst out in a Himalayan fit 120 years ago which shattered all previous and future records.

Pieces of ' the' rage
0X01 \4,000 (2 pieces) Replicated with rage and veracity

The hanger that Napoleon Bonaparte used.

Beautifully replicated
0X02 \4,000 (1 piece)

The lumber that Immanuel Kant sawed off.

0X03 \4,000(1 piece) Perfectly replicated

Merchandise for October '00(HOME/Top)
Once upon a time Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt was gazing at the full moon. The space at which she gazed was in the middle of the Sea of Tranquility. She gazed at a small cube of space one meter by one meter by one meter which was located about 10 meters above the surface of the moon. This space, filled with air, has been accurately duplicated. Quantities of this air are available for connoisseurs and others.

replicas of the space gazed upon by Cleopatra
0901 \5,000(in a 10L carton box)

On a misty and rainy day the great composer Johannes Brahms was watching the rain. And he was listening to the patter of raindrops, but he noticed that the patter was incomplete. Some raindrops had been lost to evaporation in the atmosphere. This atmosphere including in part the raindrops is now for Sale at a bargain price.

replicas of of the atmosphere
0902 \3,500 (in a 10L carton box)

James Watt is the man who invented the steam engine. The commemorative first steam is still included in the atmosphere. Fortunately we are delighted to announce that the commemorative first steam is now available at Millennium Goods.

the marvelous atmosphere (perfectly replicated)
0903 \4,000(in a 10L carton box)

Merchandise for September '00(HOME/Top)
In Venice the mistress of the Adriatic, the Carnival is at the end of Winter. Masks are worn by some people in the city. One year, a man wore a beautiful and fantastic mask. After the Carnival he tried to take the mask off, but he could not do it. Here is the rainwater of that night.

replica of the rain
0801 \4,000(in a bottle)

On Liberty Island in New York, there is a statue of Liberty enlightening the World. It was presented from France and set up in 1886. Here is the first snow on the Liberty.

replicas beautiful as water
0802 \4,000 (in a bottle)

Namibia is in the Southwestern Africa. There the Namib Desert faces the Atlantic Ocean. Once upon a time Bartholomeu Dias (who discovered the Cape of Good Hope) passed this shoreline and was a speck on the horizon. At that time the waves and the water were as constant as there are today. Here is the seawater from that beach.

replicated on a clear day with the sea sparkling, and a comfortable wind buffeting the seagulls.
0803 \4,000(in a bottle)

Merchandise for August '00(HOME/Top)
One day in his boyhood, the Spanish artist Salvador Dali had been thinking about mechanisms of a person's life by way of this objet. To this day no one knows about this matter and to this day no one has spoken of this matter.

limited replicas
0701 \4,000(1 piece)

Tradition says that this metal fitting was from the Roman slave sword fighter Spartacus. When he stood up holding it, the rebel army would be filled with a strong will and would then fight well with the Roman army.

0702 \3,500 (1 piece)

In the beginning of the French Revolution, the King and a lot of people were guillotined. At the end of the Revolution Robespierre died without a word. At that time, this objet d'art was stuck in his room door. No one knows about this matter.

important replicated
0703 \4,000(1 piece)

Merchandise for July '00(HOME/Top)
One day in his last years, the great artist Marcel Duchamp had been thinking about mechanisms of a person's life through this objet. But no one knows about this matter and no one has spoken of this matter.

Pipe joint(limited replicas)
0601 \3,500(1 piece)

The Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was interested in the occult, the mythical world and primitive man. As a consequence of these matters, he had tried to observe the phenomenon which resulted from burying secretly the pulley deeply in the ground.

Mystic replicas
0602 \4,000 (1 piece)

The French genius Blaise Pascal left his mark on mathematics, physics and philosophy. He had an intuitive experience of God. When he said, " My God don't ever desert me " and died, he took hold of a mysterious spring. But no one heard about this thing.

0603 \4,500(1 piece)

Merchandise for June '00(HOME/Top)
The German economist and philosopher Karl Marx as a toddler drew his first straight line with a crayon. The crayon and the paper are very precious things.

The crayon and the paper (limited replicas)
0501 \4,000(1 set)

As a child the great composer Gustav Mahler tried to eat a slice of black toast. The black bread crumbs are collector's items.

0502 \5,000 (in a bottle)

When five-dimensional philosophical Shears alien invaded my house, he eagerly ate the petals of a rose. The petals are very interesting things.

0503 \3,500(1 piece)

Merchandise for May '00(HOME/Top)
100 years ago in China, a voice-fossil of a carnivorous dinosaur was discovered. The fossil was spherical. At the time the discoverer broke it with a hammer, and it roared only once "Garrrrn ! ." Unfortunately the fossil has since been lost. At the time of the discovery the person was very surprised and stumbled over a stone. The stone by association is a very precious thing.

Stumbled stone (limited replica)
0401 \4,000(1 piece)

Once upon a time gigantic crabs thrived on the Earth. It was a short period of time, but they had a high civilization. All delicious crabs are direct descendants of them. 80 years ago the gigantic crab appeared only once in the northern sea in a fisherman's net. Unfortunately he was packed in a can at once. The photograph of that can is very precious indeed.

0402 \15,000 (with a frame)

Once upon a time a tree having awareness appeared mysteriously in the steppes of Central Asia. Being a plant and a tree it didn't speak anything and never moved. In due course it withered and died. Here is a piece of the tree. This remnant is a significant thing indeed.

Perfectly replicated
0403 \4,000(1 piece)

Merchandise for April '00(HOME/Top)
After 10 years of perseverance the Suez Canal was finally finished in 1869, and the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea connected. The 2 sea waters mixed for the first time. The salt made from this sea water is one of the most precious commodities available today.

0301 \4,000(in a bottle)

In the middle of the 14th century the Hundred Years' War broke out between England and France. But the War was gradually coming to a close when Joan of Arc heard a divine message to save France, and she took hold of a shell absent-mindedly. The shell is one of a most precious thing.

Amazing replication
0302 \4,000 (1 piece)

In the English Winter of 1649, the execution of the King took place and the Puritan Revolution was completed. Oliver Cromwell established a republic. But after the Restoration, Charles 2nd dug up Cromwell's dead body and exposed his head for revenge. On that occasion a piece of broken bone was carried away secretly by an unknown person. The bone is one of the most precious objects in the world.

Perfectly replicated
0303 \4,500(in a bottle)

Merchandise for March '00(HOME/Top)
The first water that the first man had ever gazed at was stagnant and muddy. On his way to hunting he stopped and then he gazed with surprise at the pond water. The image that was engraved on his memory was very precious.

The exact image that was engraved on his memory
0201 \12,000(photograph with a frame)

One day in his later years Paul Cezanne went to sketching with Pierre Auguste Renoir near his house. Before going to sketch, they had a cup of tea. Then Cezanne carelessly dropped a sugar bowl. The sugar from that bowl is extraordinarily precious too.

Amazing replicated
0202 \4,000 (6g in a bottle)

Paul Gauguin returned to Tahiti. He went to an eating house in Papeete that had changed completely from his last visit 4 years earlier. On this occasion there was a pepper mill on the next table. The pepper also is extraordinarily precious.

Perfectly replicated
0203 \3,500(40 pieces)

Merchandise for February '00(HOME/Top)
The first person (Since time began) to ponder the question of the meaning of the human race had been standing near a twig. Here is a replica of that twig. (The original has been lost.)

Perfectly replicated(only 100 left in stock.)
0101 \4,000

Once upon a time, a 3-headed, 11-eyed, 6-mouthed, 31-handed, 23-legged, scaly and multi-horned, but very friendly alien had been on the earth. At that time 31 people shook hands with him. One of those persons owned a big dog. The following morning the dog went for a walk and then drank the pond water. The water is therefore extraordinarily precious.

0102 \4,000 (in a bottle)

On the afternoon of a Winter's day, George Washington the First President of the United States picked up a nutshell in his hand under a big tree near his home and then he put it down gently.

Perfectly replicated
0103 \4,000(1 piece)

Merchandise for January '00(HOME/Top)
Everything that the human race watched first is very precious. White and cold snow is especially fantastic. This is the photograph of the clouds that the human race watched first.

9Z01 \12,000(with a frame)

In the Second War, the Germany general Erwin Rommel was called " The Desert Fox." On a winter day when he become disgusted with Adolf Hitler, the morning sun watched him. This photograph at that precise moment is very precious.

9Z02 \13,000(with a frame)

Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor. On a winter night while he devoted himself to an invention, following several days without sleep; he bit hungrily into a Christmas tree ornament by mistake.

Perfectly replicated
9Z03 \3,500(1 piece

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