Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '02
The ceramics of a duck broken carelessly by the Danish fairy-tales writer Hans Christian Andersen in the afternoon when 'The Ugly Duckling' was published.

2Y01 \4,000 ( 1 piece)

Unfortunately the ancient Roman gladiator Spartacus had been having backache ever since he showed town people lifting a big stone with all his might. Here is a piece of the stone as his young memory.

2Y02 \4,000 (1 piece)

The paper broken by the French poet Jean Cocteau in a cold winter day at eleven years old.

2Y03 \4,000 (1 piece)

Merchandise for November '02(HOME/Top)
The fruits grown on the ivy tree that, Adam & Eve, used many years ago.

Replicas (dry fruits)
2X01 \4,000 (a bunch: about 10 pieces)

The black rubber rings that the ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates, played with in his childhood.

2X02 \4,000 (2 pieces)

The iron rust that the Italian poet, Petrarch, put on his forehead playfully in his childhood.

2X03 \4,000 (1 piece)

Merchandise for October '02(HOME/Top)
The third butterfly that tried to have a conversation with humankind.

2901 \12,000 (photograph with a frame)
photograph size (200mmX200mm)

The nails used by the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates,

2902 \4,000 (2 pieces)

The objects held by the first man who fell out of a telegraph pole.

2903 \4,000 (2 pieces)

Merchandise for September '02(HOME/Top)
Photograph of a man taken 350,000,000 years ago.

2801 \12,000 (photograph with a frame)
photograph size (200mmX200mm)

The cold water that the first man who trod on a cat drank the next morning.

2802 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The tears shed by the first man who fell out of a tree.

2803 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for August '02(HOME/Top)
The hair of the first dog that the Russian writer ' Chekhov ' saw in his childhood.

2701 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The part of the atmosphere that silently passed through the dust that was inside the piano that the Finnish composer ' Sibellius ' had played in his childhood.

2702 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The part of the cicada that was by chance on the table of the room where the French painter ' Gericault ' finished the ' Raft of the Medusa '

2703 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for July '02(HOME/Top)
The teardrops shed by the woman who was the first in history to fall in love.

2601 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The teardrops shed at birth by the man who has been lying in the deepest sea for hundreds of years.

2602 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The teardrops shed by the French painter ,Matisse, when he yawned in the afternoon of August 4th 1904.

2603 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for June '02(HOME/Top)
The salt that a man licked In 79 while he was watching the great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on the opposite shore.

2501 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The salt that a man bought in 21 January 1793 after he watched the execution of Louis the sixteenth.

2502 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The salt that was in the house of the first man who died of laughter.

2503 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for May '02(HOME/Top)
The water that the peasant painter of Flandre, Peter Bruegel, drank at the end of his life.

2401 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The salt made from the first teardrops of the Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi.

2402 \4,000 (In the bottle)

The mysterious herb that the German philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, got in his student days.

2403 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for April '02(HOME/Top)
The cabbage chopped up by the Swiss painter Paul Klee.

2301 \4,000 (In the bottle)

A pair of socks worn by the 13th century French wandering minstrel, Adam de la Halle.

2302 \4,000 (1 piece)

The tooth brush used by the ancient Greek poet Homeros.

2303 \4,000 (1 piece)

Merchandise for March '02(HOME/Top)
The first eyelet ever made, the second and the third. These are very precious things.

2201 \4,000 (3 pieces)

The cord of the desk lamp that the ancient Greek doctor, Hippocrates, used.

2202 \4,000 (20 cm)

One early Spring day the English economist, Adam Smith's mother suddenly wrote her name on a piece of paper. This piece of paper is a very important thing.

2203 \4,000 (1 piece)

Merchandise for February '02(HOME/Top)
The ancient Roman tyrant, Nero, accidentally trod on a leaf in the afternoon of the day when he first met philosopher, Seneca. This leaf is a very precious thing.

2101 \4,000 (In the bottle)

On a Winter's day in the Tang period of China, the princess, Yang Guifei, pricked her finger on a thorn. This thorn is a very precious thing.

2102 \4,000 (In the bottle)

When the Italian merchant and traveler, Marco Polo, visited Suzhou in China, he saw little red berries and touched one of them with his finger. This berry is a very precious thing.

2103 \4,000 (In the bottle)

Merchandise for January '02(HOME/Top)
The thread of carpet that the great Spanish painter, Joan Miro, plucked on his last Christmas day.

1Z01 \4,000 (In the bottle)

A fragment of time from her dark night that The Austrian empress Maria Theresia's husband died.

1Z02 \4,000 (In the bottle)

In the last day of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople fell to the Turkish army. The stone that Constantinus 11th daringly hurled at them at that time.

1Z03 \4,000 (1 piece)

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