Millennium Goods

Merchandise for December '04 (HOME)

The eye's brilliance of the last laughing man in the human last day.

4Y01 \4,000 (in the bottle) h57mmXd19mm

The eye's brilliance of the first fish that was watching the sun.

4Y02 \4,000 (in the bottle) h57mmXd19mm

The eye's brilliance of my eyes in this morning.

4Y03 \4,000 (in the bottle) h57mmXd19mm

Merchandise for November '04(HOME/Top)

The nails that picked up on the big bridge of Baghdad in the last day of the Ottoman Empire.

4X01 \4,000 (3 pieces)

The box that the Italian poet Dante saw in a dream late in life.

4X02 \4,000 (1 piece)

The sky that the German mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss saw at home in Braunschweig.

4X03 \4,000 (1 piece)

Merchandise for October '04(HOME/Top)

The water that the Latin American revolutionary Guevara drank.

4901 \4,000 (4 liters in the bottle)

The pond water that the German composer Mendelssohn fell into the pond.

4902 \4,000 (4 liters in the bottle)

The water that the whale the Russian revolutionary Lenin loved drank.

4903 \4,000 (4 liters in the bottle)

Merchandise for September '04(HOME/Top)

The plastic bag that the ancient Roman statesman Agrippa used in the naval Battle of Actium.

4801 \4,000 (1 piece)800mmX900mm

The plastic bag that the ancient Roman the five good emperors Trajan used.

4802 \4,000 (1 piece)650mmX800mm

The plastic bag that the ancient Roman the five good emperors Hadrian used.

4803 \4,000 (1 piece)650mmX800mm

Merchandise for August '04(HOME/Top)

The only stone that talk about love.

Last Replica
4701 \4,000 (1 piece)45mmX60mm

The first shape of wire bent by humankind.

4702 \4,000 (1 piece)90mmX60mm

The paper that the Italian composer Antonio Salieri crumpled into a ball and then spread out in his last year.

4703 \4,000 (1 piece)280mmX400mm

Merchandise for July '04(HOME/Top)

The shell that the Japanese Middle Ages writer Lady Murasaki picked up at the winter beach in her twentieth year.

4601 \4,000 (1 piece)13mmX23mm

The hardtack that suddenly fell from the sky when King Khufu of the ancient Egypt was in his summer garden in his sixteenth year.

4602 \4,000 (1 piece)22mmX31mm

The feather that The Flemish baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens pulled from the domestic fowl in winter morning in his fifth year.

4603 \4,000 (1 piece)120mm in length

Merchandise for June '04(HOME/Top)

The paper bag used when the Italian poet Dante bought bread at the convenience store.

4501 \4,000 (1 piece)210mmX395mm

The paper bag that the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates picked up at the street corner.

4502 \4,000 (1 piece)150mmX320mm

The paper flag that Alexander the Great bought at the night stall.

4503 \4,000 (1 piece)210mmX755mm

Merchandise for May '04(HOME/Top)

A piece of the rice cracker that the King of Spain Felipe the 2nd ate with me.

4401 \4,000 (1 piece)40mmX40mm

The brush hair that the American painter Jackson Pollock used.

4402 \4,000 (10 pieces)60mm in length

A piece of the whetstone that the German physicist Werner Heisenberg broke.

4403 \4,000 (1 piece)50mmX60mm

Merchandise for April '04(HOME/Top)

The ordinary B5 paper folded in four.

4301 \4,000 (1 sheet)90mmX129mm

The usual A4 paper folded in three.

4302 \4,000 (1 sheet)102mmX210mm

The B4 paper that the Indian of religion Mahatma Gandhi folded in five and then tore up.

4303 \4,000 (from1 sheet)

Merchandise for March '04(HOME/Top)

The circle that the Italian theologian Joachim de Floris drew on a early spring day in 1200.

4201 \4,000 (1 piece)129mmX129mm

The square that the Russian composer Aleksandr Skryabin drew on a early spring day in 1900.

4202 \4,000 (1 piece)129mmX129mm

The triangle that the German philosopher Johannes Eckhart drew on a early spring day in 1300.

4203 \4,000 (1 piece)129mmX129mm

Merchandise for February '04(HOME/Top)

The cord that the Italian composer Puccini used for bundling dead branches up.

4101 \4,000 (1 piece)1m in length

The memo papers that the ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras often used.

4102 \4,000 (5 pieces)129mmX129mm

The 5 lines that the French educator Pierre de Coubertin drew on a cold winter day.

4103 \4,000 (1 piece)129mmX129mm

Merchandise for January '04(HOME/Top)

The thing that the Russian statesman Stalin owned.

Perfect replicas
3Z01 \4,000 (1 piece)15.5cm in length

The thing that the ancient Greek philosopher Epikourous owned.

Perfect replicas
3Z02 \4,000 (1 piece)21cm in length

The cord that the Polish astronomer Copernicus owned.

Perfect replicas
3Z03 \4,000 (1 piece)80cm in length

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